Prospera International Network of Women’s and Feminist Funds brings together


dynamic, autonomous and diverse women’s funds from all over the globe.

Collectively, Prospera mobilizes quality funding to movements and groups in




of Prospera members are based in the Global South and East.

Most of our collective funding goes to formerly colonized territories in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

From 2016 to 2020, Prospera members:

Tripled in revenue

from $71.2M in 2016

to $214.7M in 2020

We collectively gave a total of


grants to activists, organizations, groups and collectives in 172 countries.

Prospera Feminist Funding in Practice

Prospera member fund’s staff come from the same feminist movements they support. Because of our affinity and proximity, we understand local contexts and dynamics, and can reach groups and populations that are structurally marginalized, traditionally underfunded, and sometimes not formally constituted.

Funds are uniquely positioned to be innovative, flexible, and adaptable in finding creative ways to grant flexible resources wherever political and economic strife, health crises, and environmental destruction increase the challenges for reaching women, girls and trans people and their communities.

Women’s and feminist funds practice trust-based, democratic, and decolonial philanthropy which means activists are at the center of our work, where funds listen, see, and respond with intention to activist needs. Prospera member funds resource movements in ways that respond directly to movement agendas, needs, and contexts.

These resources are for the most part

Intersectional approach

Women and feminist fund members of Prospera recognize the plurality of movements and organizations.

This means being intentional about reaching women, girls, trans, and gender non-binary activists where they live, responding to their multi-layered needs, and the complex contexts that they navigate.

Women’s and Feminist Funds in times of crises

Survival is political

Women’s and feminist funds have demonstrated a unique capacity to reach and provide resources to structurally marginalized activists and organizations in complex contexts.

Given women’s and feminist funds’ ability to reach groups during multiple crises, Prospera members designated

On the cusp of the global Covid-19 pandemic, grantmaking by Prospera members mainly focused on:



Resilience of their partners


The power of diversity

The Prospera network is an ecosystem of diverse funds that reach almost every corner of the world. Our diversity allows us to analyze the local, regional and global contexts and identify crucial challenges and opportunities underpinning gender justice.

Prospera in numbers

5 year trends 2016-2020

Prospera’s global reach

Grants to activists, organizations, groups, and collectives in 11 new countries and in a total of 172 countries around the world.


During the 2016-2020 period, the network recorded exponential growth tripling its revenue.

71,2M 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 97.6M 125.5M 112.8M 214.7M


of whom are located in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, and Central and Eastern Europe



for women’s and feminist movements around the world.

Overall, the
collective revenue
grew by

202% from 2016-2020

Women’s and Feminist Funds’ Revenue Growth by region: 

All Funds in the Network tripled their annual revenue from 2016-2020.

Through flexible and long-term funding, we acknowledge that movements and organizations are at the center of developing solutions with a lasting impact while ensuring financial security.

Top 10 women’s and feminist fund’s by average growth 2016-2020

Building institutional resilience

Members invested in their organizations, growing their staff, salary scales, benefits packages, care policies and the well-being of their teams.


Prospera Expenditures: 2016-2020


Number of Grants


Average Amount Granted


# of COUNTRIES granted

To over




more grants than in the 2010-2015 period

Prospera members granted $309M from 2016 to 2020, strengthening the feminist funding ecosystem and supporting movements through:

We are moving away from a place of scarcity towards one of abundance and collective sustainability with key investments such as Leading from the South, the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action, On The Right Track, and MacKenzie Scott gifts to our network.

Where does Prospera INWF’s money 

come from?

Between 2016 and 2020, the network mobilized a total of



Private foundations




What would be possible if

Prospera members were fully resourced to support feminist movements?

What feminist transformations would be possible if all eligible applications made by movements to women’s and feminist funds were properly resourced?

A significant disparity remains between the need for resourcing feminist movements in the Global South and East and funding availability.

In fact, across the network, women’s and feminist funds were only able to support an average of


of eligible applications
in 2020.

More than half –


of eligible applications received by our members were NOT funded in 2020.